If you could pass a law right now, what would it be, and why?

the law to prosecute people who abuse dogs, like a law that would mandate you to be respectful to animals, I know that some laws like that exist but this one would have a 1000 dollar fine the reason I’m behind this idea because have seen so many dogs getting abused around the world/killed.

the other law would be the law that prohibits the eating of certain animals like cats and dogs my reason behind this is that dogs are a mans best friend and not food there are many types of food other than dogs that are far better for health and for the dogs this is a big issue especially in Asian countries

and the third law and the last one would be the law that makes you clean after your dog when you bring them out for a walk my parents and I do this all the time we have a bag that we grab the dogs poo with and then dump it into the trash because it is a terrible sight and not very pleasing and dirties the city up.

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