What has made you angry recently?

What has made me angry recently are rules and laws that Caspian has to obey. No matter how much we try to raise money or do things, we always seem to get blocked at every turn, even if we have had a lot of help to begin with. It just seems to be never ending; yet no matter how much we argue or share our frustrations, we still love each other and always find a way. Even when I have a lot of health wise kicking in, I know he can’t be there to help, that he is frustrated with his job and family rules and the law that they follow. Not having any money to do anything doesn’t help the situation either. That makes me angrier, as I’m working so hard but I’m just not getting anywhere, even though I’m trying my best to do everything that I can.

The second thing that has made me feel so angry are people who think I should apologise for something that I did, when it was their own actions that caused me to do that thing in the first place. That makes me angry; I hate when people think that they are so important just because they have the highest status. You wonder if they’re actually for real, because they show many signs of being frauds. Then they deny that they are abusing you, but abuse comes across in lots of categories, mental abuse is one of them and I should know.

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