The Flash review

the flash is a tv show about the fastest man alive first appearing in the dc comics, and I have been hooked to it because it has amazing twists and plots and most importantly a lot of action and well-written villains and in my opinion the best villain is Eobard Thawn aka the reverse flash he’s the flashes arch nemesis going as far as killing his mom after going back in time, and by the way flashes name is Barry Allen (Bartholomew west Allen)

and the first 2 seasons have been the best in my honest opinion however I’m not implying that the other seasons were bad, no but the first two were the most well written

and season 5 that is going is quite promising. and yes I do recommend this show to anyone who loves action, superheroes, and drama.

and the love of Barry Allen is iris west Allen and their team right now has 8 members one of the most important ones are killer frost,vibe,elongated man.

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